They performed meet up again ages after when she and an old sorority sis of hers going combating over him

7.College Lady aˆ“ Cindy

Cindy (Rachel Bilson) got an old pupil of Tedaˆ™s whom he started internet dating for somewhat. To be honest, other than the fact that he wasnaˆ™t allowed to date a student, the guy turned into transfixed on her roomie, just who the guy hadnaˆ™t even satisfied.

Works out, the roomie is mom and Cindy will be the a person who in the end introduced them together.

6.His Fancy Woman aˆ“ Janet McIntyre

Janet McIntyre (Amber Stevens) merely lasted a single go out, but she had been actually among the best ladies Ted dated. Both got concurred to not lookup any details about another before their unique date, something Ted and his pals smashed overnight.

Ends up she got a lot better than your and then he know it. Therefore the guy located ways to spoil the meal.

5.Runaway Bride aˆ“ Stella Zinman

While we know Stella (Sarah Chalke) ditched Ted during the altar to be able to go marry the lady ex, she was still one of his true better connections.

She was a physician the guy came across when he visited get have their back butterfly design eliminated and is immediately smitten together. She’d also be the one that causes your on motheraˆ¦ at some point.

4.An Arch Nemesis aˆ“ Zoey Pierson

When they initially came across, not simply is Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) an activist who had been wanting to destroy Tedaˆ™s work, but she was also partnered to an abundant man.

Despite their particular variations, they wound up collectively after she divorced, however they truly couldnaˆ™t work through their very own ambitions, which tore all of them apart in the long run.

3.The One aˆ“ Robin Scherbatsky

Everybody knows that Robin was actually always the absolute passion for Tedaˆ™s lifestyle, despite the fact that she shouldnaˆ™t have been. They dated on / off through the tv show before she married Barneyaˆ¦

Nevertheless was developed obvious within the collection finale that Ted don’t ever have over Robin and went along to the girl suite to inform their very after their children persuaded your to.

2.Cupcake Sugary aˆ“ Victoria

Victoria (Ashley Wiliams) was the sweetheart baker which Ted came across at a marriage. They wound up online dating for a time before Victoria gone to live in Germany on a dessert scholarship.

They tried cross country but finished separating considering Robinaˆ¦ which took place decades later when they going internet dating AGAIN after she kept the woman fiance in the altar for him.

1.The Mummy aˆ“ Tracy McConnell

The caretaker, titled Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti) was Tedaˆ™s very best union. She had not been best ideal for him, but she got absolutely essential their friendship group.

As well worst she just lasted a period before they offed the woman when you look at the finale (Noooooo!). However, she had been well known.

11.The Wild Son Or Daughter aˆ“ Amy

After Tedaˆ™s split up with Robin, Barney got your aside and then he ended up conference Amy, a lady with a aˆ?bad girlaˆ? graphics.

Despite the fact that little really took place involving the two, Amy takes on a massive element of Tedaˆ™s lifetime because she had been the one who persuaded your in order to get a tattoo, which was the butterfly tattoo that introduced him to Stella.

10.The Person Who Got Away aˆ“ Maggie Wilks

Maggie Wilks (JoAnna Garcia) got the woman Ted considered aˆ?the supreme woman nearby.aˆ? Though they never met up because she constantly got a boyfriend.

Whenever Ted found his window, the guy attempted anything the guy could for maintaining their single long enough to fall for your, but it didnaˆ™t jobs and she wound up with the greatest aˆ?boy next dooraˆ? alternatively.

9.Barneyaˆ™s Opposition aˆ“ Stacey Gusar

Stacey (Janet Varney) was actually simply a new woman caught in a casino game between two men. Ted first started dating the woman, but Barney finished up obtaining him to believe which he got dated their first.

It reached him in which he broke up with the lady, and that is when Barney uncovered it had been a lie. Leave it to Barneyaˆ“sigh.

8.What Concerning The Pineapple? aˆ“ Trudy

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